History of the Bedford Land Trust

  On May 9, 1990, Linda Moore Hockman’s vision of a land trust in Bedford was realized when our Founding Committee met to form New Hampshire’s 37th Land Trust. Our goal is to help preserve the quality of life that we all want. We see a need to protect the important natural, ecological, scenic, recreational, and historical assets of our remaining open land. 

   In December of 1993, the Bedford Land Trust acquired a conservation easement on 10 acres of riverfront land at the end of Moores Crossing Road from Stephen Foster. The land was named after Linda Moore Hockman in 1997 in recognition of her many contributions to land conservation, including her founding of the Bedford Land Trust. This parcel is the first of 14 parcels that the land trust has protected. We currently own 3 acres of land and hold conservation easements on nearly 700 acres of land in Bedford. 

Mission Statement

  Our mission is to protect and conserve strategic parcels of land in the Bedford, NH area, to preserve our rural character, and to provide protection for water resources and wildlife habitat for the benefit of the people in Bedford and the surrounding area. 

Officers (2018-2019)

Jeanene Procopis (Co-Chair)     Rita Carroll (Co-Chair & Secretary)     John Hession (Treasurer)
Erik Tolf (Vice-Chair)

Trustees (2018-2019)

  The Bedford Land Trust is a non-profit organization currently made up of 15 Trustees and 7 Advisors.  We are a separate entity from the Town of Bedford. Our goal is to provide a means by which natural areas in and near Bedford can be preserved.  We do this in most cases by holding conservation easements on land that is owned by another entity, such as the town of Bedford or a private landowner.

Rita Carroll (Co-Chair & Secretary)     Jeanene Procopis (Co-Chair)     Robert Bartley     Jonathan Beck     
Marilyn Brock   William Coder     David Coughlin    Robert Jones     Rebecca Martin     Brendan Mitchell    
John Monson  George Newman     Brian Nolen     Erik Tolf (Vice-Chair)     Susan Tufts-Moore

Advisors (2018-2019)

Beth Evarts     Jo Hendry     John Hession Peter Labombarde     Eric Soederberg     Jayne Spaulding     
Honey Weiss


  Annual and financial reports allow us to share information with you and others who support The Bedford Land Trust and make our work possible.  Please use the link to the right to view recent tax returns (requires Adobe Reader).    Form 990 2017-18